your trusty companion, at home and away.

Travel in style, without the hassle. The Bon Voy Bag is a necessity for the conscious traveler.

bon voy on chair and dustbag

zero compromises between style and function

A spacious and stylish toiletry bag with detachable and machine-washable inner bag, made from 100% Vegan and premium materials.

bon voy founders

how it all began

Emma and Sara, two sisters who loves their beauty products and to travel the world, saw a gap in the market when searching for a toiletry bag that would suit their requirements. Other toiletry bags were simply not big or stylish enough. So they came up with the idea for the Bon Voy Bag which combines beautiful design with premium materials to bring you the most stylish and functional toiletry bag on the market!



With our mission to provide high-quality products and accessories for travel, we wanted to make sure our toiletry bag was made with sustainability in mind. That's why we chose materials such as vegan PU leather, resistant nylon fabric, metal zippers and hardware so you will have a toiletry bag to love for many years to come.

Why vegan materials?

  • Animal Welfare: Vegan materials protect animals, avoiding the use of animal-derived leather and supporting ethical choices.
  • Functionality: Vegan leather doesn’t absorb liquid which makes it suitable and practical for a toiletry bag.
  • Sustainability: Vegan materials reduce resource consumption, lowering the ecological footprint and contributing to environmental preservation.
  • Cruelty-Free: Cruelty-free materials ensures a more humane approach to production.
  • Innovation: Vegan materials offer innovative and quality alternatives, delivering stylish, durable, and functional products.